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Servicing Individuals & Corporate Clients 
across Kansas & Colorado

About Us


The McGowne  Law Offices, P.A. is a corporate and litigation firm for all your legal needs. The McGowne Law Offices, P.A. provides support to corporations, businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes. From permitting, review or drafting of legal documents, or litigation, McGowne Law welcomes the opportunity to review your case and provide you with legal guidance. The McGowne Law Offices, P.A. takes practical approach the practice of law. The McGowne Law Offices, P.A. prides itself on providing you quality legal advice while evaluating all the facts.

Chris McGowne is the founder and principal of the McGowne Law Offices, P.A. Born and raised in Kansas, Chris has spent the last twenty years working in the fields of law and government. Chris attended law school at the University of Denver, where he received a certificate in Constitutional Law as well as his L.L.M in Environmental and Natural Resources law with certifications in Energy law and Land Use law. Chris was a senior editor of the Water Law Review and an editor on the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy. Chris also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

Chris began his career working for the Colorado State Senate, and thereafter working in the legal, administrative and regulatory fields at two of Colorado’s largest trade associations in the oil and gas and health care fields. Chris was a law clerk and litigation associate at one of Denver’s oldest boutique law firms, where he was able to learn the practice of law from multiple angles. Chris went on to work at one of the world’s largest trade organizations for three years until he and his wife made the decision to move back home to Kansas.

Chris enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and engaging in his local community.




McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  represents oil and gas operators through all phases of oil and gas development from permitting to plugging and abandonment. We represent our clients before regulatory agencies, local governments, or other governmental bodies.  Whether you need review of purchase and sale agreements (PSA), master service agreements (MSA), corporate documents such as a review of bylaws, or other contracts, leases or agreements, McGowne Law Offices, P.A. Law Offices would be honored to assist. We represent large and small oil and gas operators, regulatory and environmental firms, mineral owners, all manner of service companies, and investment groups.


McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  handles general civil litigation throughout western Kansas. The McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  currently represent corporate clients in all manner of matters including oil and gas, administrative, agricultural, property, tort, trusts and estates.


McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  handles all manner of wills estates and trusts including the drafting of estate planning documents, advice and counsel for the administration of estate, probate matters, and if necessary, litigation. McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  handles estates ranging including basic probate all the way to management of complex large trusts.


The McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  has extensive experience in administrative and government legal services. McGowne Law Offices, P.A. has experience dealing with multiple municipal, county, and state governments as well as the federal government. McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  has represented clients before all manner of regulatory board, has served as city attorney, and has experience working with all three branches of government in multiple capacities. 


McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  handles all your corporate or business needs. Starting with the formation of your corporate entity, to the liquidation and wind down, McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  has provided general counsel to multiple corporate clients in the oil and gas, agriculture, franchise, and industrial sectors.  


McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  has worked with numerous non-profit organizations with purposes ranging from advocacy to business development in the energy, health care, and business spaces. McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  can help with formation, filing of state and federal documents, creation of bylaws, or general legal and business issues.


McGowne Law Offices, P.A. is a full-service Agriculture law firm. McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  can help with land purchase and sale, contracts, corporate or business issues, real and personal property issues, mineral leasing and more.


McGowne Law Offices, P.A. can help with your bankruptcy needs. Whether creditor or debtor, McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  can help with Chapter 7, 11 or 12. McGowne Law Offices, P.A.  can evaluate your claim, and help guide you or your organization down the appropriate path with respect to the reorganization or discharge of your debt.  

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